Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Christendom College Alumni Network of Wisconsin: An Introduction


To provide a lifelong community for students and alumni of Christendom College in Wisconsin. To foster the interests and continuing academic excellence of Christendom College. To enhance commitment to Christendom College's goal of preparing students to be faithful, informed, and articulate members of Christ's Church and society.


A. The Christendom College Alumni Network of Wisconsin encourages members to provide financial support to Christendom College.

1. Increase the percentage of Wisconsin graduates participating in annual giving.

2. Establish a scholarship fund which will provide an annual award for a Christendom College student from Wisconsin.

B. The Christendom College Alumni Network of Wisconsin provides lifelong support to its members.

1. Provide opportunities to remain connected to Christendom College through various means such as an annual meeting, the online community, and activities within Wisconsin.

2. Provide services to Christendom College alumni in Wisconsin in support of their personal and professional lives after Christendom, e.g. networking, mentoring, etc.

C. The Christendom College Alumni Network of Wisconsin facilitates alumni involvement in College activities.

1. Increase the active participation of alumni with students and other alumni.

2. Help make alumni better resources to prospective students, graduates and faculty.

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